About us

Welcome to Holymart company. Holymart was established in 2010. Since the beginning we have been
aiming to provide the best prices and quality in the market to our customers.

We supply Apparel clothing, leather products and Footwear as a Buying House. We are manufacturer of Handicrafts, Diversified & Hessian jute products. We import/Buy Fruits like Dates, orange, Grapes, Mangoes, kiwi, Dragon fruit, Pears, Honey and Machineries item from different countries. We Export potato, Fresh vegetables, Betel leaf.

We think of our customers as our long term partners. That’s why customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Therefore our first strategic aim is to earn and gain the trust and loyalty of our customer base. Our range
of products is getting greater each and every day.

We work closely with an extensive network of buyers and suppliers of fresh foods. we have 20 friendly dedicated employees who are keen to help our customers and any potential new customers in any way they can. Please feel free to call our office and have a chat with anyone of our team.